Unofficial Holidays, Big Box Bullies + My Fave Organizing Blogs.


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Soooo, I don’t know if January is officially unofficially the National Organize My Life Month but it sure looks that way. Last week, I posted about creating a theme for the new year. My theme is Balance and Order (yep, just that simple). On my journey to order, I have noticed that the big box stores prey on the weak-craving-an-organized-life-consumer souls with special sections and sales dedicated to the brand new organizer.

I was almost a victim….but not quite.

So, how am I moving towards order aka organization without spending the money on nifty reorganization tools?

I have been following  stalking a few blogs that will be key in my journey. They give great DIY organization projects and tips that aren’t revolved around spending a shitload ton of money. We can all stand to save a penny or two, so these blogs are just perfect….

My top organization blogs to watch…



iHeart Organizing


A Bowl Full of Lemons

Clean Mama


I’m An Organizing Junkie


Why does any of this matter?

As creatives, we thrive in our environments. An organized home + office = a better service + more productive days = happy clients + happy us.

Do you have a favorite organizing blog, or blog for creatives? Share below.

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