3 Tools To Get Your Biz In Order + Get More Done in Less Time.


photo credit:  Daniel Y. Go via flickr

I’m a systems fanatic.

A productivity enthusiast.

A tech zealot.

According to a friend, I also have “shiny object syndrome” so I am also a work in progress…but working that obsession bit out.

True Story. 

I believe that tech tools can make or break you, especially when you’re a multi-passioned entrepreneur with a whole lot of ish to get done.

Is that you?

Let’s talk about the latest tools in my creative biz arsenal that I think will make you even more amazing…

Than you already are.

1. Sanebox.

Sanebox is a nifty tool for Gmail lovers. You add it to your accounts, and it organizes all of your existing and incoming emails like magic. Its smart technology learns what needs to land in your inbox, what you can read later, and what’s simply a newsletter or promotion. My absolute favorite feature is that all larger attachments get automatically downloaded into your Dropbox folder and replaced with a link instead, to save your precious cyber space.

Time Tip: Use Sanebox to help you prioritize what emails need to be taken care of now versus the ones that can wait.

2. Fantastical.

Fantastical has been my latest Mac OSX go-to calendar app. It syncs with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar and Reminders. What makes it so special? It sits on the upper dock, and is quicker to access than the other calendars. Plus, it has a shortcut feature that makes adding new tasks or events super-quick. Lastly, it gives you a complete view of your upcoming tasks and events in a simple list, that is easy on the eyes.

Time Tip: Consider adding your to-do’s as events on the calendar to assign time blocks to them. It will help you become a master of time management.

3. PhoneLog Pro.

This is another Mac OSX that I love. PhoneLog Pro makes timing, organizing, and logging telephone calls a breeze. I have logs set up for consultations, clients, mentors and various projects that I’m working on. The logs export to Excel so that you can easily keep a summary sheet of your phone call activity each month or year. Lastly, you can automatically create follow-up tasks that sync to Apple Calendar/Fantastical with a click.

Time Tip: Set a maximum time for each phone call, and hit that timer. Don’t get bogged down, and lose a day’s work because you were on the phone all day.

The Bottomline.

Let’s be honest. We don’t have time to do it all. The more that we organize and automate our biz, the more time that we can spend on real ish. And, by “real” I mean tasks that either make you money, or position you to make money. Start working smarter, so that your inner-genius can shine daily….


Did you check out any of these apps? Chime in below.

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