About the Team


IMG_0419w-500x500 trademark attorney

Patrice N. Perkins

Principal Attorney

Principal attorney, American Bar Association recognized legal rebel + advocate for independent creators.

IMG_0406-1-500x500 trademark attorney

Lorryn Young

Law Clerk

Soon-to-be entertainment attorney. Lover of all things music, indie film + copyright law.

Whitney-Fletcher-Photo-Circle trademark attorney

Whitney Fletcher

Marketing + Client Experience Director

Head of all things marketing, content + client experiences. 2 parts nerd + 2 parts creative + 2 parts hippie, shaken.

We are a team of creative professionals who firmly believe that you must maintain ownership (or control) of your work, the value of your creativity must be recognized in negotiations and deals, and that the law shouldn’t unnecessarily restrict your creativity but should instead help you create new opportunities.

We also know that your creativity can change communities and industries.