I have this condition. Many many moons ago I referred to it as EmailInstantMessageTextAHolic syndrome and wrote about it’s symptoms in all their glory. Many peeps go undiagnosed. Or, maybe they don’t acknowledge it because they don’t want to carry the “shame.” But, I know on a very real level that this madness lives.

It ain’t just me.

If you are bold enough to step up, face this monster and do something about it. I welcome you to join me in Step 1 of the Program. Side effects of stepping to the plate and taking the wheel include:

  • You won’t be reactionary throughout the day and will spend more time on work that matters instead of putting out “fires.”
  • A better business (Mo’ Clients, Mo’ Money)  because you’re not constantly juggling multiple distractions.

If you aren’t ready, don’t worry we’ll be here for you when you are. 

I downloaded this life changing extension last week and wanted to share it. It will change your entire world, and I say that with every ounce of my tech-loving being.

Inbox Pause is God’s gift to people like me. People who deal with these symptoms:

  • Your heart jumps at the sound of that new email alert.
  • Your fingers start to tingle and you feel jittery until you check that email.
  • When at least 25 minutes have passed with no new email alert you refresh your screen because “something must be wrong.”
  • If refreshing the browser on your laptop doesn’t do the trick, then you turn to other devices to make sure your janky wi-fi isn’t causing the disruption in your inbox flow because certainly, someone must have something to message you about.
  • When that heavenly chime finally sounds you rush to check it and respond within a matter of moments because you don’t want the Earth to keep standing still for the person on the other end. You’ll feel downright guilty for putting their Universe on hold any further…because yes, their world absolutely revolves around you.

You feel me? Yes?

Inbox Pause is for you.

This Gmail lovin’, browser extension:

  • Stops your Gmail emails from going to your inbox with one click.
  • Allows you to set a schedule for how long you want to pause your emails. For example, one of my business coaches recommended that in order to deal with fewer distractions I  should check my emails 2x a day. In the morning, and again towards the end of the work day. So, I’ve set Inbox Pause to pause my emails between 10:30 and 4:00pm.

Sounds great right? Grab it for free here.

Do you have any genius tips + tricks to help the rest of us struggling with EmailInstantMessageTextAHolic addiction? Spill the beans in our inner circle.  

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