We love our clients and think that you will too. This week, we introduce author Toni L. Coleman Carter…

Please tell us about Toni L. Coleman Carter the author. When and how did you decide writing was a career path?

Writing isn’t my career path. I’m passionate about Human Resources. I started writing a book 10 years ago. I wanted to encourage teen mothers to face their challenges, and to make life better for their children. So I kept writing, and writing, and writing but never completed the process. However, I was serious about this endeavor. In 2008, I attended an event my Chief Human Resources Officer was keynoting. Since I arrived early (didn’t want to be late for that – O.M.G.), I got to hear the speaker before her. At the conclusion of his speech – he gave everyone a copy of his book. I immediately started reading the book. When I was done I called the publishing company who published it, and the “official” process was initiated. However, my executive editor and I didn’t officially start our process until April of 2011.


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Tell us about your first book. What was your inspiration for it?

When Trouble Finds You is my first book. It started as a process to help teen mothers….but has become much, much more than that. I’ve also simultaneously created a WTFU workbook, to help kids find their career paths, build their personal brand, business acumen and leadership skills. I’ve been busy!

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What led you to entrepreneurship?

I’m not an “entrepreneur”. I’m a passionate HR Consultant, for a multinational public safety and enterprise solutions provider; AND I love my career!

How did you know that it was time to be your own boss?

Everyone IS their own business, even if they work for an organization. Therefore, WE must develop, grow, and market our own product (ourselves).

Lifestyle Zen focuses on a work-life balance. What is one work-life balance tip you can offer for others?

Please take care of yourself first – exercise, eat right and get proper sleep. If we’re not whole and healthy we can’t take care of others properly. I think we forget this, especially parents with children. However, we all need “ME” time to function properly; without it – we’ll burn out.

Any big projects, new products or exciting news coming up?When Trouble Finds You and its companion workbook will be released on June 3. I’m hoping to inspire a generation of young people to take advantage of every opportunity afford to them. And if they don’t have ANY – to create their own!

What is most valuable thing that you learned working with Lifestyle Zen?

In the words of Patrice, “Their interest isn’t your interest. Don’t feel bad because you have an attorney protecting your interest.” Also #NEVER sign a contract without a lawyer!

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