Meet our client Chris Curse of Chris Curse & Company. Founder Chris Curse is an international hair stylist and makeover specialist. As an educator, he provides classes, workshops and training for stylists in the United Status, Spain, South Africa and the United Kingdom. One visit with him and you’ll be Curse’d. And that’s a blessing…

Please tell us about Chris Curse & Company. What was your inspiration for it?

Chris Curse and Company is a licensed professional who trains stylists in the United States, Spain, South Africa and the United Kingdom.   I bring a unique blend of the European and Western worlds of artistry to the hair care industry. The diversity of my training and experience transfers into the diversity of my clientele and I am accessible to my clients nationwide.  I am a hair carespecialist. I am currently a Senior Level Education Consultant for Namaste Laboratories. I have also worked extensively as a Lab Technician to help develop innovative products while also maintaining exclusive and celebrity clients such as Miss Illinois who I worked with on the Miss USA circuit.

Even while working in marketing and development. I took my passion for hair care and expanded it into full makeovers. My specialty is creating, “personality pieces”- the idea that styling for today’s woman whether she is natural, relaxed, colored or wearing extensions is part of her unique personality.

How did you know that it was time to be your own boss? Who were your influences? What was the first step?
I was working in Corporate America with all of its ups and downs, when my position was eliminated. For a year, I survived on unemployment and used my passion for hair care to supplement my income. Hair was my art, my side hustle. One day it hit me, that I could make my living doing what I was passionate about. It started with me managing a hair salon. When that salon closed I was able to choose my next step. It worked because by then I had begun to brand myself.

If you could pass one bit of wisdom, or lesson from your journey as a start-up business what would it be?

The more you give the more you get. First establish a circle of trust, you have to trust others before you can be trusted.  You might initially ask yourself “Can I sustain myself if I go out and take this step of faith?” Creating that circle of trust helped me to know that the people around me would support my vision. I am successful, not because of my talent but because my circle of trust; my support.

Lifestyle Zen focuses on a work-life balance. What is one work-life balance tip you can offer for other entrepreneurs?
Make the appropriate investment in support staff. Recognize that you cannot do everything yourself. It is necessary to delegate those things that you can, while determining those things YOU have to do yourself.  Determining your specialty and delegating the rest, allows you to have time to follow your passion and live your life. When we take on too many things we begin to lose our talent and our passion.

Any big projects, new products or exciting news coming up?

I am working to launch new products with Namaste that we hope to introduce in 2013. The biggest project would be the expansion of my role within GlamLuxe. I’m currently preparing for a photo shoot with Dawn Richards (of Dirty Money) for GlamLuxe extension line. I’ve also teamed up with Christine Johnson celebrity makeup artist, and we’re releasing two new DVDS. One for weddings and the other is a “how to” for pageants.

What is the most valuable thing that you learned working with Lifestyle Zen?
Take nothing for granted. Treat every relationship, meeting and connection with business regard. I like to say “Mind your business.” Which basically means always keep your business in mind. In every situation, you should be relating it to the growth and development of your business and brand. Lifestyle Zen helped me brand myself and helped me take me to the level I needed and wanted to be on. For example, I work with other professionals who are apprentices and assistants. I developed my own masters program. Working with Lifestyle Zen helped me bring my visions into reality.

With Lifestyle Zen, I am confident that I have someone whom I can share my ideas, dreams and visions without worry. No idea is ever shut down, every idea is met with “how can we bring that into fruition?” “What can we do to make that happen?” Having that confidential ear is invaluable, and having someone watch that calendar, setting goals and making them obtainable is very necessary.

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