creative-pla business lawyer

Creative Placemaking

…commercial real estate projects that utilize arts, culture and creativity-driven initiatives to impact communities.

  • Represent for-profit and non-profit developers in connection with affordable housing for artists utilizing Low Income
  • Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Donation Tax Credits and other conventional and subsidized financing sources.
  • Represent the interests of for-profit and non-profit organizations partnering with established developers in connection with LIHTC projects.
  • Represent Creative Entrepreneurs in the acquisition and/or development of space tailored to their creative pursuits.
  • Represent Creative Entrepreneurs, for-profit and non-profit developers in connection with projects infused with culture and creative arts as a method for community transformation.
  • Represent individuals and organizations in the creative development of vacant land in ways that engage and transform communities, such as urban gardens and community gathering spaces.
  • Represent conventional retail and multifamily real estate developers – but, nudging them to make it funky!

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