How Do You Get Unstuck When Your Master Plan Changes?


Entrepreneurship has taught me more life lessons than any other life experiences. Fact. My business has changed quite a bit over these past few years:

  • I’ve gone from pink, black and gray as my brand colors to now watermelon and blue.
  • I’ve gone from having a lifestyle blog to a business and law blog.
  • I introduced and never completed a business guide on creating a single business from one passion.
  • I wrote a business plan but then deviated from it mid-year.
  • I’ve changed my law firm name from Lifestyle Zen to Creative Genius Law.

Behind the scenes I chastised myself for “failing” (a bit melodramatic I suppose).

Looking back, I realize that all of the changes were necessary. Those things were no longer a fit for my brand, and the direction of my business. But, I’m not alone. I’ve talked to several entrepreneurs who have:

  • Changed direction in the service that their business offers.
  • Put an existing (and yes, successful) business on hold to launch a new business.
  • Temporarily stopped practicing law to start teaching full-time.
  • Left their business temporarily to work for a Fortune 100 company.
  • Stopped taking clients while they pursued additional training.

and more….

I recently had a lightbulb moment…

Isn’t this the beauty of entrepreneurship? Isn’t the freedom to choose our own adventures a gift?

We mistakenly think that we’ve done something wrong when our businesses flow in a direction, not originally a part of our master plans. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a close look at successful entrepreneurs you admire and you’ll notice that they continue to shift and refine over time.

The entrepreneurial evolution is necessary and a sign of growth.

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We sell ourselves short by getting in the way and fighting the change. You are a different person than you were three years ago, right? So, how can you expect your business to remain stagnant? Before you get all carried away in the spirit of evolution, let me clarify what the entrepreneurial evolution is not:

  • Abandoning a project because you didn’t want to put in all-of-that work.
  • Giving up on a business because it was harder than you thought.
  • Letting go of your dreams because you were scared of the “competition.”

The entrepreneurial evolution involves making conscious decisions to fine tune your path as you refine your brand and discover ways to creatively leverage your skill set.

What happens when you are an employee and the company’s vision changes? You have to roll with the punches. Yet, creative entrepreneurs get to choose. Our ability to mold the future of our businesses however we see fit is the silver lining of this journey. Love it and move forward.

The entrepreneurial evolution shall be televised and shared as much as possible.

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How has your business evolved in the past two years? Are you happy with your decision?

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