[#Truthnote] How hungry are you?

[#Truthnote] How hungry are you?

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Do it Scared.

That quote is by Joyce Meyers and one of my favorites. I strongly believe that the difference between entrepreneurs who make it, and ones who don’t is that some are willing to do things scared, while others won’t. Some, will stare challenges dead in the face and step right over them, while others run the opposite direction.

Which entrepreneur are you?

The secret to success is not limited to education, training, and skills. It’s not just dependent on your resources and capital. The secret is in your heart.

How hungry are you?

If you are hungry enough, then you will understand that in order to take your business to new heights, then you will have to knock down that invisible fence. The one that keeps you cozy + tucked in your comfort zone.

When you are hungry and willing to do it scared… you will:

  • Send that email introducing yourself to the person who seems out of reach.
  • Start charging more money rather than settling for less because you are scared that people won’t recognize your value.
  • Spend some time in new networks rather than hanging around the old, comfortable ones that don’t challenge you to grow.

My challenge to you is to do it scared. And, do it now.

I know from experience that it’s hard. Just a few years ago, I was terrified of public speaking. Now, I love leading workshops and speaking on panels. Just a few months ago, I was terrified of being on video. Yet, I recorded an entire legal education video series with Chicago Artists Coalition. I do these things even when I’m scared because my desire to positively impact the business of creative entrepreneurs trumps my fear. Each and every day.

One last thing. Don’t think that you can “do it scared” once, and all of a sudden your fears will go away. Nope. Doing it scared is a practice. The stakes will be even higher as you grow in your business. You’ve got to be ready to face it and take comfort in being uncomfortable.

Let’s get ready now.

What are you going to do scared?

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