You're investing time and money into your creative business but you don’t even know if it’s actually protected.

You just want to feel at ease when working with clients, contractors and business partners so you can focus on growing your business.

You want to focus on your creativity, growth and expansion -- not legal issues. Plus, you’ve only come across attorneys who don’t really get what you do, how you plan to earn money or grasp your “crazy” end game. You rely on Google or DIY instead. You have tons of information at your fingertips but it’s overwhelming, the “how to” guides never seem to apply to your situation and it just feels like you’re hustling backwards. You don't want to risk losing it all because you just weren't clear on what you should be doing right now.


Most creative entrepreneurs start off in the exact same boat as you. At some point, a bad apple client, copycat, or renegade independent contractor always enters the scene. You’ve seen other independent brands fighting for ownership over their trademarks and embroiled in legal battles with corporation giants who’ve jacked their art and sold it on a t-shirt. They've had to handle nasty disputes with former business partners and clients who've tarnished their professional reputation all over the internet because of a misunderstanding in the contract. You just don’t want that to be you.

Your story can be different.

See, protecting your business and brand is about keeping your sanity, but it’s also about stopping the money leaks in your business and increasing your profit. It’s true — Your creativity (aka your intellectual property) is a valuable asset that can allow you to make serious cash without always trading hour for dollar.

Patrice Perkins

Hi, I’m Patrice N. Perkins.

I am a strategic legal partner for creative entrepreneurs, innovators and change agents. I support them through the life of their businesses so they always have a trusted advisor at their fingertips. I help them create new opportunities and increase revenue by protecting their brands, businesses and creative content. I live and breathe this work - I regularly teach business and intellectual property law to creative business owners in Chicago and at conferences across the country. I've previously taught at Chicago Creative Expo, Lake FX, Chicago Urban League, Chicago Artists Coalition, Blogging While Brown, Alt Design Summit, BlogHer, Eat Write Retreat, and AVVO Lawyernomics to name a few. I've shared legal tidbits in popular media and blogs including Design Sponge, FORTUNE, NBC, Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed and Carol Roth. I’ve been featured by the American Bar Association as a Legal Rebel for being a leading innovator in the legal industry.

I know from my experience in the "creative space" that fear, overwhelm and not knowing what to do next traps you in a box and keeps you playing small. You deserve so much more. You deserve to stop worrying that someone will steal your genius ideas once you share them with the world. I’ve also learned first hand that creative entrepreneurs operate in business way too long without an attorney -- costing you time, money and energy. Your business shouldn't have to be vulnerable, and you shouldn't miss out on opportunities because you simply can't hire an attorney on retainer now. Everyone needs to start somewhere, right?


I apply everything that I know about the legal side of creative businesses to give you clear cut insight tailored to your business and your unique situation. We work together to brainstorm a plan that will allow you to do your game-changing work while protecting your business and brand along the way. You’ll be able to take action right away.

You’ll be equipped to make better everyday decisions.

These are the types of questions we can cover on a Legal Quick Start Strategy Call:

  • I have a new opportunity presented to me. What should I negotiate?

  • What should I consider before I partner with someone on a new project?

  • How do I resolve (or avoid) this customer/client dispute?

  • How can I protect my content online?

  • What do the terms of this contract mean?

  • Someone posted my photos and/or blog posts without permission. What steps do I take?

  • Which business entity is a fit for me based on on my business goals?

  • How do I make sure I own the work created for me by a graphic designer?

  • I’m launching a new business, product (or service). How do I prepare for expansion?

  • I want to host a giveaway on my blog. What are the legal requirements?

As a creative entrepreneur, many legal questions swim around in your head each and every day. Maybe you’re worried about copyrights (and copycats), protecting your brand, setting up your partnerships and collaborations so you aren’t taken advantage of, and legally hiring contractors so you don’t have to worry about the IRS coming for your cash. You’re Googling for answers, reading books, snooping in Facebook groups, asking friends, and scouring blogs and it just means that you’re spinning your wheels.

There are too many options, too much information and no clear answer about the right way to go. It’s pure information overload.

The truth is cookie cutter information isn’t going to help you. Instead, you need advice tailored to your end goal, that meets the needs you have right now and gives you exact steps to better protect your business and brand right now. Plus, you'll avoid the ugly legal battles you’ve seen play out: someone “stole" your friend’s trademark that she never registered in the first place. So she’s now spending big bucks to try to save her brand. A big brand is gunning for another friend because they unknowingly infringed on the big brand’s copyrights. Now your friend has to cease and desist selling, defend herself in court, and rebuild from scratch.


  • The Legal Quick Start Strategy Call starts with a short intake form where you’ll submit your specific legal questions or topics you’d like to focus on during the call. I prepare in advance so we can actually spend our call time solving your problems or hashing our your legal strategy to protect your business and brand.

  • We'll meet for 45 minutes on UberConference. I’ll deep dive into your questions, and provide super detailed, tailored advice. We’ll hash it out further until you’re super clear on your next steps. If there’s time left you can ask whatever you heart desires. I’m great with giving rapid-fire legal counsel so we’ll cover quite a bit.

  • You'll receive an MP3 recording of the call so you can refer to my feedback anytime you’d like.

  • You’ll receive a follow-up email with a 3 step action plan that I recommend based on our conversation and the decisions you are facing. Of course, some things you'll simply need to work with an attorney on. But my goal is to prioritize for you and uncover the important steps you can take to protect your business + brand on your own, right now.


"That talk was soooo great last night! I have told so many people already how it was worth every dime. Your answers were exactly what I needed to be clear on my next steps."

Margaret Hannon, World Changers Consulting

"Before my session with Patrice, I struggled with determining how to trademark my salon and product line, and how to structure my business. After the session, I felt excited. I had more legal knowledge to move forward with building/branding my business because Patrice took the time to explain everything in great detail."

Michelle Coburn, Virago

With a creative, legal strategist in your back pocket:

  • You'll no longer need to sort out the heaps of information on Google and will have clarity about your next big moves.

  • You’ll know exactly how to protect yourself when partnering or collaborating with others so you can take advantage of opportunities to earn more money and more visibility.

  • You’ll know how to protect your brand and creative work every step of the way so you’re positioned for big opportunities when they come to you.

  • You'll understand what you need to do now to avoid nasty legal issues down the road (rebranding is very expensive).

  • You can stop worrying about “what if” and redirect that energy on work that’s your special zone of genius and that’s going to make you money.

You know that in order to grow, something’s got to change. THIS IS YOUR TIME. Apply for one of our available Legal Quick Start client slots. The investment for this service is $475.00.

The Legal Quick Start is for you even if:

  • You think it’s a business investment that you simply don’t need to make. Trust me, you can’t afford not too. Imagine starting a brand from the ground up, only to discover that you can’t legally own it, you have to spend more money rebranding, and lose opportunities because of it. It happens more often than I’d like to admit.

  • You think you don’t need it at all because you're just getting started. Every creative entrepreneur needs an attorney in their corner from the very beginning to help you make strategic legal decisions that support your long term vision, and even for a quick tune-up to make sure you’re on the right track.

  • You think you don’t need an attorney to keep you out of trouble because you haven’t had any issues so far. Winging it is never a good plan. Plus, protecting your business is about keeping more money in the business, no longer leaving money on the table, and not making mistakes that can keep you from major opportunities.


"I had big dreams and didn't know how to even begin handling them legally. My brain doesn't work this way at all, and it was overwhelming for me to even start thinking about all the issues and steps I might have to take, not knowing for sure if I was missing something. I wasn't sure if I was "big" enough to warrant such a big investment. I feel much better prepared to move toward those big dreams. It gave me a lot more confidence to move forward, knowing I had someone with professional knowledge behind me, guiding me. It doesn't feel like I'm the only one on my side of the court."

Gracie Klumpp

"Talking it through with a lawyer and creative advocate like Patrice gave us confidence in our decisions. She pushed us to think about both our short-term and long-term needs and the legal implications of our business. The biggest results that we experienced were talking with a legal professional that understands what is important to creative businesses and receiving small business support beyond “legal services”. Not all lawyers are the same; Patrice is patient and genuinely vested in supporting your creative vision AND your legal needs. You are in good hands."

Paul Branton + Michelle E.M. Merritt, Aplomb Urban Art Salon

Most of my clients never leave and they also send their creative entrepreneur friends my way. This means I have limited availability to take on new clients each month. I also realize that some creative entrepreneurs need my savvy legal brain but aren't at the point of full services. I offer just a few Legal Quick Start calls each month for this reason. You'll apply, if I really believe I can help you and if there's space available I'll offer you a slot. Legal Quick Start clients also receive first priority for further legal services.


Can’t I just get a free consultation from one of the million attorneys who offer them?

You’ll leave a free consultation and know exactly why you need to hire the attorney to help you. This is not a consultation. It’s an opportunity to receive personalized legal strategy for your business so you are armed to make better business decisions everyday. Also, because I work only with creative entrepreneurs and innovators I know the types of legal issues you face, how to explain it in a way that sticks and the exact steps you need to take along the way. I’m not showcasing why you need to hire me on retainer during these calls. I’m empowering you to make savvier business decisions when you’re out there on your own and breaking down what actions you should take. Protecting your business and brand is a key step in leveraging your creative capital for opportunities later. It’s priceless.



Lauren Ash, Black Girl In Om

The investment for a legal quick start call is $475 for on-demand, legal counsel when you need it. The cost of working with me typically starts at $1,000.00. If you aren’t ready for that commitment yet and want to access my action-oriented, creative, legal brain as you build your empire — this is your opportunity. Plus, the fee from the Legal Quick Start is applied as a deposit towards your first business formation, contract drafting or trademark service with me if we work together within three months from your call. NOTE: The deposit applies to services with a retainer of at least $1,000.00. I'll be super clear with you about whether it can be applied in your situation so you won't have any surprises.

Business + Brand Protection Guarantee

My one big promise is to deliver strategic legal advice to help you protect your business and brand. I stand behind that promise, and my experience in the creative space. If you didn't learn at least one way to protect your business and brand then the call is on me. I'll send your money right back so you can use it to invest in another area of your business. Scouts honor and no questions asked. You just have to make your refund request within 48 hours of our call.

Want to be considered for a Legal Quick Start slot?



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