Select + Protect: Choosing A Brand Name That You Can Actually Trademark

That’s all it takes for someone to steal your stuff in cyberspace.

Scary, right? You put your hard work, creativity, and originality into your brand name and someone just swipes it. Not cool. But these things happen.

You’ve probably heard that in order to protect your brand name that you need to first register it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Not true.

Protection of your trademark actually starts with the name that you select.

{because not every brand, product or service name can actually be owned as a trademark}

If you fail to select a strong name then you either won’t successfully register it with the USPTO or if you do, enforcing it in real life will be a nightmare, if not impossible.

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Select + Protect:
Choosing A Brand Name That You Can Actually Trademark

In this FREE class, you'll learn:

  • A play-by-play on how to name your products and services so you can actually protect them as federal trademarks.

  • The easy to understand explanation of trademarks that you won’t find by googling.

  • An introduction to our strategic approach to protecting your trademarks so that you can leverage your creativity for cash, impact and legacy.

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Client Buzz

"Thanks to Patrice and Creative Genius Law I have a good handle on the process for trademarks and understanding how protecting my IP is an investment for the future. Patrice makes the process easy. This is not my zone of genius, but I knew things were handled and I could count on Patrice to give me the straight goods even when things got sticky. Patrice saved me in a big way in a ill-named course that would have never cleared for a trademark and would have set me up for legal issues in the future. Now I have a name I own and love thanks to her counsel and patience with me. Patrice is a total pro and she really gets you as a creative entrepreneur, which is rare in a lawyer."

Maggie Patterson

We’ve had clients come to us with brand names that they’ve invested in financially and emotionally — only for us to tell them that that the name won’t work as a trademark. This is always a hard conversation for us because as small business owners ourselves we know how much effort goes into selecting the “perfect” name.

We saw a need to help creative entrepreneurs and innovative businesses understand the make-or-break decisions that need to happen even before considering a federal trademark. Before time, resources and money were wasted.

This was our inspiration for Select + Protect.

-Patrice Perkins, Principal Attorney
Creative Genius Law

Learn the ropes now and avoid frustration later.

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