Please tell us about The MCB Project. What was your inspiration for it?

Maya-Camille Broussard hosts The MCB Project , a web series documenting interior design projects inspired by pieces of art. In addition to web episodes, The MCB Project also has a blog that serves as a hub for all things art and design-related.


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The MCB Project was created after a couple decided not to purchase a work of art from Broussard’s Chicago gallery, Three Peas Art Lounge… because it didn’t match their couch.


Clients often pass up a great piece of art simply because it does not match their furniture, I want to help viewers understand that they do not have to give up on a piece just because it doesn’t match their current décor.

What led you to entrepreneurship? How did you know that it was time to be your own boss? What was the first step?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My grandfather and grandmother owned a tavern and “jook joint” in the 50’s and 60’s. My father had his own law firm practice. For me, entrepreneurship is the key to wealth. Creating your own work-life allows you to truly be in control of your destiny. I always knew I wanted to work and create for myself. The first step is always research. After you research, you plan. After you plan, you execute.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned as a entrepreneur? What was your biggest “growing pain” as a new business owner?

The most valuable lesson that I learned is that you cannot expect others to have the same vision, drive and passion that you have about your business. You are ultimately responsible for your brand and no one is going to feel the same about your brand as you do. That biggest lesson was also the biggest growing pain. Once you realize that then you can manage your expectations, effectively lead your team and clearly express what you want and need to get done.

Lifestyle Zen focuses on a work-life balance. Describe your balance. What tip would you offer other entrepreneurs?

Exercise offers good balance because it also gets the mind active and the thoughts flowing. Some of my best ideas come while working out. Also, sometimes the best thing to do is to completely turn off. I would tell other entrepreneurs to turn off their work-life (no phones, laptops or work building/making/creating/planning) at a certain hour of the day and enjoy your family. When you are an old, shriveled raisin your work won’t take care of you but your family will! Work is the key to getting rich. Work-life balance is the key to creating wealth.

What is most valuable thing that you learned working with Lifestyle Zen?

I learned that your ideas are worth something. You have a bank to protect your money. A seat belt to protect your life. Why not protect your ideas? Lifestyle Zen has been integral in helping me understand what I need to have in place so that what I create remains my intellectual property and what I design within my business is properly maintained.

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