As my business grows and more things are added to the plate, I have to remember that often it’s not about doing more work it’s about working smarter. Click to tweet below.


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I’m consistently on the lookout for tech that will make my work life just a bit easier. Streak CRM has really helped my team (ahem- my assistant and I) manage a tightly run sales process without having to spend a lot of time on it.

For those of you who may just be starting out, CRM stands for customer relationship management and is a way to keep track of prospective clients and customers, where they are at in your sales process, how much the potential deal is worth, and a complete record of all communications with them. I strongly believe that small biz should do business like big biz (in some ways). Using a CRM in your business will change the game for you. Literally.

One of the latest CRM tools that I’ve integrated in my business is Streak. I absolutely love it. A few years ago, I was using Karma CRM but didn’t love having to visit a separate platform to get a handle on my sales activities. I’m a fan of streamlining wherever possible.

What I love about Streak is:

  • It works inside of my Google for Business Gmail account so I have all of my prospective client information right at my finger tips.
  • It allows me to track each prospect as they move along in my sales process.
  • I can set a follow up task reminder that immediately goes onto my Google calendar and also assign tasks to a team member.
  • I can associate all emails with a specific prospect so I can see all previous communication in one view.
  • I can do mail merges.
  • I can save email templates and associate them with each step of my sales process.
  • My assistant and I can both view Streak from our individual email accounts so it makes collaboration a breeze.
  • I also have it synced to google contacts through Zapier so all of my prospects are immediately added to Google contacts as well.

Besides it being pure magic, guess what else?

It is free. Yep. I don’t believe in using a tool for my business just because it’s free. But, this right here… different situation. It does the work and I don’t have to pay one dime. I would give ya’ll screenshots so you can see exactly how it works but…privacy.

Check it out and let me know how you love it. I’ll be hanging out in the Creative Genius Society group. You should join us.

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