Why Keeping Up With the Joneses Sucks + Bold Habits for Creative Entrepreneurs.


One thing that can be a gift + curse for me is the multitude of ideas that my brain generates. Usually, the idea creation happens at night (when I’m supposed to be asleep), and then I have a laundry list of creative thoughts that I’m compelled to execute. I know from talking to other creative geniuses around me that they experience the same darn thing. I always encourage peeps to capture everything via journaling or whatever works.

Although your ideas might seem larger than life now, that doesn’t mean they are impossible.

Usually when we have these creative ideas we feel compelled to launch asap. I remember (and learned the hard way) when I first began Lifestyle Zen feeling the same darn way. I had about 10 different things that I wanted to do under this brand (if my graphic designer is reading this she is probably laughing). After launching 4-5 components and realizing that it was just too much, I quickly scaled back. That is when I learned that…

It’s okay to store your creative ish for a later day.

In fact, there is value in holding on to some of your ideas rather than launching everything at once. For one, running a business isn’t easy. Let me rephrase…

Running a solid, profit-generating business isn’t easy. You have to perfect your marketing, operations, sales and so much more. If you start small you have the opportunity to really nail it, while building brand equity and a solid reputation.

And, when you launch everything else the people will already be sold.

You won’t have to actually sell them.

So, the lesson good people is don’t cause yourself undue stress and anxiety by trying to do everything now. Figure out what piece of your business is manageable, and start there.

Now, some of you may be saying “Well, dang. I wish you wrote this post last year. I’m already knee deep into the mess.”

What you have to remember is that your business is constantly evolving. It’s okay to tweak + rework if the benefit is you maintaining your sanity, while being able to provide a very cool + quality product or service. Scale back and wait until the timing makes sense for you.

Don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses.

They are status quo. You are so much more.

How can you make this bold habit work for your life + biz? I want to hear from you. 

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