Why less really is more + how saying no will help you win.

Why less really is more + how saying no will help you win.

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Being multi-passionate is a gift and a curse. Your well of ideas never runs dry. Which means that your money-making potential is sky high. You’re rarely bored with life because your brain houses a big, creative adventure. You don’t need external sources to keep you stimulated. You. are. just. that. incredible.

But, if you aren’t careful, you will hit a wall. A big one.

Let me explain. Some of you may know that I also co-founded Chicago’s very first food truck festival, StreetFood Artistry. I had the pleasure of producing this fest with one of my very best friends. As you can imagine, it was no easy task. StreetFood Artistry was a passion project and something that I am very proud of. We brought a great selection of Chicago’s best food trucks to a diverse crowd, and merged in elements of visual and performing arts. We created an experience.

In 2014, I put the planning for the fest on a temporary hold. I’d told myself that I would produce it again in 2015. I was to spend the year building the foundation of StreetFood Artistry, a non-profit organization that would provide pro bono legal services to culinary and cultural entrepreneurs. Behind the scenes, I’d run full-speed into a wall. Every time I tried to think about the next steps for StreetFood Artistry I would shut down. Literally. I figured that I was still mentally drained from the previous year’s event. After much reflection, I realized the real deal. I’d reached my capacity. I was running on fumes.

Towards the end of 2014, I decided that I’d run my course with StreetFood Artistry. That I wouldn’t beat myself up over fear of “giving up too soon” because I wasn’t giving up. I was using discernment. I would accept that it was time for me to move on so that I could have the clarity and focus to really make a serious impact in my other work. There is nothing more powerful than focused, undivided creative genius. People have noticed the difference.

This year, I’ve continued to identify ways that I can do less, but dig deeper in the projects that I’ve already started. For instance, this year I was going to write a short Creative Genius Guide each month. I let that go. Why? Because, my priority is connecting with you more and helping you realize your creative genius through my regular emails and blog posts. I’ve turned away clients that weren’t a fit because it allowed me the space to go all in with my existing clients.

I’ve created more space to be a creative genius by taking things off of my plate and saying no.

This week, think about what you can remove from you pile of projects.

What will you let go?

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