Business Transactions + Tax Counsel

Business Transactions

  • Help you select the proper business entity or organization structure and handle the formation for you.
  • Draft joint venture agreements to safeguard your assets when entering new collaborations.
  • Draft non-disclosure and no-compete agreements to protect your company’s intellectual property including trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks.
  • Draft employment contracts, policies and handbooks for your team.
  • Draft independent contractor so that your outsourced work is protected.
  • Draft professional service agreements to protect your work with clients.
  • Represent you in purchasing or selling a business.
  • Review and negotiate commercial lease agreements.
  • Draft, review and negotiate other contracts.

International Tax Law

  • Analyze your business structure to develop and implement tax strategies that will help you grow your business in a tax efficient manner.
  • Support your global expansion by counseling on international tax matters and ensuring that you’re above-board and compliant.
  • Support you in building generational wealth with strategic tax counsel specific to trusts and estate planning. While the federal government has increased the estate tax threshold to $11,200,000, many states have a much lower threshold, which can affect even a moderate estate. Based on the value of your estate, we can advise you on how to set up and fund marital trusts, and how to take advantage of the recent federal portability rules and annual gift exclusion amounts.
  • Counsel you on the major tax consequences often involved with immigration to the U.S. We provide international tax counseling and pre-immigration tax planning to help you avoid unnecessary financial penalties that could hinder the growth and expansion of your creative endeavors.

A snapshot of the work that we do…


Client operated a haircare company with a strong brand identity for several years. Firm was retained on a monthly plan to counsel on employee and personnel matters, brand protection and other intellectual property matters. Firm also drafted all independent contractor and client agreements.


Client owned a boutique for several years but was opening a new shop in a prestigious downtown location. Firm was retained to review and negotiate a very extensive and potentially burdensome lease in favor of our client.