We help you…

Negotiate collaborations and contracts that work for your big picture goals.

We’ve been in the business of serving creative industries for a while. Here’s where we’ve shown up:

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Our clients are disruptors and game changers.

We counsel clients in the areas of arts, new media and entertainment law, business and tax law, commercial real estate law, and intellectual property law.

We snub the status quo “Starving Artist” mentality and believe that your creativity is currency.
We have one mission — to help our clients use their creative capital to build impact, legacy and wealth.

We’re not just lawyers. We’re your strategic legal partners.

We serve clients at every stage:


You’re working on something major and would rather “do your thing” than focus on the business side of it all.

You’ve considered tackling some of the legal on your own but want to make sure things are done right. You collaborate with others frequently and realize that it’s risky to keep doing so without solid agreements.

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We work with established small to medium sized businesses and organizations, disrupting the market. Your business has at least two operational years under its belt and your team is rapidly innovating. You need all hands on deck lawyers who will work with your business team instead of against it.

We get that things happen fast and you need a nimble legal team that can keep pace with creative legal solutions.

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Wealth + Legacy Building

You’ve mastered the foundation and you’re ready to strategize towards your future. It’s time for you to start seeing a return on your creative capital — not just monetary, but community impact, generational planning, and legacy building as well.

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