5 Ways to Overcome Fear + Change the Game.


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She is that loud mouthed bully taunting you as if her life depends on it….

Forcing you to second guess your every move.

Standing between you and your gift.

Holding a colossal cardboard sign that says “Will intimidate for free.”

She is a sneaky SOB and I can’t stand her.

She keeps us from building businesses that are larger than life.

She holds us captive and frozen in time.

I’ll be honest. I spend a ton of time following the stories of young, self-made, wealthy entrepreneurs. I want to learn their secrets. In each of the millionaire entrepreneur stories they talk about moments when Fear reared her ugly tail.

Yep, everyone gets scared. No matter where they are in life (or business). The most successful entrepreneurs still get nervous…

  • When they are pitching to investors

  • When they are preparing for a presentation

  • When they are increasing their prices

  • When they are introducing themselves to media.

  • When they are rolling out a new product.

It’s perfectly normal.

Human, actually.

A key difference between folks who are doing it big in entrepreneurship and those who settle in small is that they push through Fear. Consistently.

I believe that we create our own glass ceilings.

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I also know that the only reason that some entrepreneurs are stuck in the little leagues is because we are scared to seek more.

Here are five quick + dirty tips on how to overcome fear and move one step closer to changing the game.

  1. Choose one thing each month that scares the living bejeezus out of you and challenge yourself to do it.

  2. Over prepare for everything. When you are prepared there is little to no reason to second guess your ability to succeed.

  3. Read or listen to the stories of successful entrepreneurs on a regular basis. Hearing testimonies of people who are regularly overcoming Fear will give you a push to move forward.

  4. Find a fear accountability partner. Whenever Fear surfaces, talk it out with that person for encouragement.

  5. Visualize the most-accomplished you and understand that you will never get there if you are willing to run at the sign of Fear. Then ask yourself, “Is it worth missing out?”

In the words of Joyce Meyers, “Do it scared.” And in my words (but really jacked  from my hometown rap group)…

“Do or Die.”

How do you overcome Fear?


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  • Cardinal Ties on March 26th, 2014

    Let’s just say…. Right on Time as I cry my way through!!! lol

  • mylifestylezen on April 2nd, 2014

    Thanks so much for checking out the post @cardinalties:disqus . We all do at one point or another!

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