About CGL

We use the law to create opportunities instead of stifling our clients’ creativity. This is where we shine.


Listen and support our clients’ creativity and grand ideas from concept to creation, with our legal expertise.

Encourage our clients to think about where they want the business to go, so that we can develop legal strategies that support their long-term goals.

Give clients our absolute best at all times. Client service is our top priority.

Develop strategic relationships with other service providers to make sure that clients have all of the resources needed to make major moves. We realize that the “law” is one part of our client’s overall business planning.

Continuously refine and develop services that will meet our clients evolving needs.

Only take on clients whose work truly resonates with us and that we are proud to share with the world.

Key industries that we serve include:

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

Arts and Culture

Content Creators and Curators


Creative Placemaking

E-commerce and Retail

Film, TV and Music


Influencers and Talent

Social Enterprises, B Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations