4 ways the law can supercharge your coaching business so you can impact more people and make more cash.



I wrote a guest blog post over on Rebecca Dickson’s blog that I’ll pretty much call my legal tell-all for business coaches of all kinds. I wanted to give a sneak peek excerpt over here, but ask that you visit her blog to read the entire thing. You don’t want to miss it. Trust me. 

These days, it seems like everyone’s an entrepreneur. And, as the small business industry grows, the coaching industry grows also at rapid pace – life coaching, business coaching, wellness coaching. You name it, there’s a coach for it. Now, this isn’t a bad thing. The truth is, no one is born with all of the essential skills it takes to start and grow a business. Entrepreneurs need skills that surpass what can be learned in the classroom and in industry workshops, seminars and summits. We need coaches. However, the coaching industry faces unique challenges, and an unfair rep because its an unregulated industry. So, the way that you become the go-to pro is by helping your clients get results. Right?

Wrong. Kind of.

Your unique and compelling brand gets clients in the door. The quality of service will lead them to stay for dinner. The results that they achieve through working with you will lead them to invite their friends for a party.

But, the key is… they have to first knock at your door. A lot of people see the law as regulatory, red tape. Lawyers are the fun police, right? What if I told you that the law can actually help you leverage your uniqueness as a coach and supercharge your coaching business? What if I said that the law can be used as a strategy to help you impact more people and change more lives? It absolutely can and that’s what I love about it.

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